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Medical Grade Skincare in Lebanon

Medical Grade Skincare

If we only knew then, what we know now! Remember that proper skincare and self care are the foundations for the health of our skin and the outward beauty it can offer.

NEOCUTIS® was founded on the basis of extensive wound healing research performed in Lausanne, Switzerland. When our first wound healing technology was found to scarlessly heal burned skin, while making it appear healthier and more youthful NEOCUTIS® scientists began to explore how to apply the same principles to improve the appearance of aging skin. Unlike young skin, which heals quickly and easily, older skin acts more like wounded skin.

  • NEOCUTIS began developing products that support natural healing by stimulating the processes that regenerate and restore the key building blocks of skin structure—namely, collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid.

  • Since then, our ongoing cutting-edge research and meticulous craftsmanship with only the best cosmetic ingredients have led to the development of products that deliver targeted peptides and proteins to help nourish and rejuvenate skin.

Soul to Soul in Lebanon carries NEOCUTIS






Looking for medical-grade skincare products?

Look no further. 

Mdical Grade skincare in Lebanon

Why are Medical Grade Skincare Products Better?

1. The Importance of a Consultation with Aestheticians for Skincare Products


When it comes to skincare products, it's essential to consult with trained professionals who can assess your specific skin conditions and concerns. Aestheticians and other skincare medical professionals are equipped with the knowledge and expertise to customize recommendations tailored to your needs. Unlike over-the-counter products, which lack a consultation, medical-grade skincare products are carefully selected to target your specific requirements. Additionally, these professionals have access to products with higher levels of active ingredients that are not available to everyone. By providing a free consultation, they ensure that you receive the most suitable product for your skin.


2. The Advantages of Medical-Grade Skincare Products


Medical-grade skincare products are superior to over-the-counter options due to their higher concentration of active ingredients. These active ingredients are essential for achieving real improvements in your skin. For example, if you're battling acne, a product with a high percentage of acne-fighting ingredients is crucial. Over-the-counter products limit the concentration of active ingredients to prevent adverse reactions. In contrast, medical-grade products can have higher concentrations because they are dispensed by medical professionals who guide patients on their usage. This higher concentration not only ensures safety but also maximizes the product's effectiveness.


3. The Depth of Treatment Provided by Medical-Grade Skincare Products


While over-the-counter products may initially seem effective, they often remain on the surface of the skin, unable to address deeper issues. Medical-grade skincare products, on the other hand, are formulated to penetrate the skin's surface and reach the dermis, where actual transformations occur. The dermis contains fibroblasts, which produce collagen and elastin. By reaching the dermis, medical-grade products stimulate these cells, leading to visible changes in the outer layer of the skin. This ability to target the deeper layers of the skin sets medical-grade skincare apart from its over-the-counter counterparts.


4. The Value of Medical-Grade Skincare Products


While some may argue that medical-grade skincare products are expensive, they offer more value in the long run. With their higher concentration of active ingredients and ability to penetrate deeper, these products yield quicker and superior results. As a result, you require less product, making it last longer. Not only does this save you money in the long term, but it also ensures that you're using a tested and proven product. In contrast, over-the-counter products may require more frequent repurchases. It's important to avoid purchasing medical-grade skincare products from unauthorized sellers to avoid counterfeit or ineffective products.


5. The Scientific Research Behind Medical-Grade Skincare Products


Medical-grade skincare companies invest significant time and resources into researching and developing their products. They conduct extensive scientific research, which is verified by the FDA, to support their claims. This rigorous process ensures that the products you purchase deliver on their promises. In contrast, over-the-counter products do not undergo the same level of scrutiny. If you value scientific backing and want to ensure the efficacy of the products you use, medical-grade skincare is the way to go. However, if you're satisfied with your current over-the-counter products and they work for you, there's no need to switch.


Overall, it's important to consult with professionals, understand the benefits of medical-grade skincare, consider its ability to penetrate deeper layers of the skin, and appreciate the value and scientific research behind these products. Ultimately, your aesthetician and skincare provider will work with you to create a realistic plan that aligns with your needs and lifestyle.

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